The Ultimate Guide of the Stages of Mediation – Great Conversation Starters


diator does. The mediation process can be arranged by the court. A mediator is usually in the room with all parties seeking to come to an agreement. In this instructional video, you will learn the basics of mediation and the main responsibilities for the mediator. The host explains the process of mediation with illustrations. It is common for one major issue to be raised, but then smaller issues require attention. The mediator determines the pace for the meeting by laying out the rules and creating those talking points to be used during the mediation.

This video can provide suggestions on how to handle mediation. Additionally, it will address issues including when the talks cease. Then, it shows the best way to break through the pause so that everyone can get back on the table to continue the conversation. This video will assist you when you’re just beginning your mediation, a seasoned mediator looking for a new opportunity or professional mediator. Go ahead and watch it today.