Day: September 29, 2022

How to Buy a Repairable Car – Great Conversation Starters


Where can I purchase one? The YouTube video “Buying salvaged Title Cars – How To save money?” This video provides tips on how to make money while investing in the vehicles you see in these videos. We’ll discuss the benefits!

A caller on the video revealed that her family has bought salvaged title vehicles which have been restored by the Ukrainian community of her home town. The cars are in good condition and she believes they could last for 10 years. Her concern was that she would not have equity when the time comes to get a new car. The advice was to keep in the savings to purchase her subsequent car during the coming 10 years.

The host of the video said that it was not unusual for the car to break down as they had been older. It is important for the car owner to prepare for the future. A savings account can be created and then you could begin to add money until your goal is met. This could include the amount you plan on purchasing a new car.

Check out the rest of the video for more specifics about these vehicles. Contact us with your financial questions so you’re able to start making wise decisions about your finances!