A Better Way to Bookmark


When you are surfing on the internet, looking at pictures of cats, and you find a good article, a funny website, or something interesting, you probably just bookmark it. However, when you bookmark this page, and a week later you realize you want to share with your friends this funny article you found way back when, then what? Are you going to remember to go back into your online bookmark manager, and email the link to all of your friends?

Maybe when you bookmarked the page you put it in a folder that accurately described it, though you probably just put it into a folder with hundreds of other bookmarks. Good luck finding that bookmark when all you have to go off is a cryptic url address. The good news is, there is a better way.

If you were to bookmark this page to later share with your friends, you would have a much easier time of it if you used social tagging and a Delicious bookmark. How it works is that you sign up for Delicious, and use a special bookmarklet to add any website to your Delicious account. Before it gets added you can make a comment on your link, and add tags. Tags will help you to better organize your bookmarks, so that when you go looking for a bookmark about funny cats later to share with your mother, you find that bookmark more quickly by looking through anything tagged funny, or cats.

When you look at your bookmarks in Delicious, you will see a preview of the website, the url, any comments you made, and the tags associated with it. All it takes is the click of a button to then share your bookmark via Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, or email. As an added benefit, when you use an online bookmark manager like Delicious, it does not matter where you are when you realize you want to actively share that link. You can access your account on almost any device that connects to the internet.

Delicious has been around now for about 9 years, and the use of tags by hundreds of thousands of users has started to develop folksonomies, which are shared vocabularies. With these folksonomies, you can use Delicious to discover new relevant content, making it more useful than just a simple online bookmark manager. If you want a better way to bookmark, you cannot do much better than social bookmarking.