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Do You Bookmark? What Do You Do With Them When You Do?

At this point, everybody should know how to bookmark this page. Bookmarking is simple, incredibly helpful, and virtually everyone takes advantage of it. But, did you know that there are some things that you can do to make your bookmarking experience even easier?

As if it could be possible! But it can. Just read on for some tips on how to share with your friends, how best to organize, and what other bookmarking options you have available to you.

  • How Many Bookmarked Sites Do You Have?
  • We humans have a tendency to collect things, long after we have the need for them. It could be attributed to our ancestors who had to keep everything in case they needed it later on, and if they did not have it, it could have been a matter of life and death. We can thank them for that later, but first we need to address the fact that there is a good chance that you have way more bookmarks in your toolbar than you need.

    You should treat your bookmarks bar like you Read More

Sharing is Caring When It Comes to Bookmarking

When you find that you have over 100 memes bookmarked, with the intent to eventually share them on Facebook or Twitter or email, you may have a meme problem, or possibly just a bookmarking problem. Fortunately, the internet has evolved to handle hyperactive bookmarkers and frequent sharers of content. Whether you want to save a bookmark for yourself, or send it off to a friend, there is a solution.

  • Social Bookmarking
  • Delicious is one of these social tagging online bookmark managers. For example, you could bookmark this page with Delicious, tag it as an article to read later, and also share with your friends across your social networks. If you use a Firefox browser, you could use a “Delicious Bookmarks” application to make the whole process even more streamlined. Delicious bookmarks can be kept private, although that somewhat defeats the purpose. There are hundreds of millions of delicious bookmarks to discover. Delicious is just one of several social bookmarking platform Read More

A Better Way to Bookmark


When you are surfing on the internet, looking at pictures of cats, and you find a good article, a funny website, or something interesting, you probably just bookmark it. However, when you bookmark this page, and a week later you realize you want to share with your friends this funny article you found way back when, then what? Are you going to remember to go back into your online bookmark manager, and email the link to all of your friends?

Maybe when you bookmarked the page you put it in a folder that accurately described it, though you probably just put it into a folder with hundreds of other bookmarks. Good luck finding that bookmark when all you have to go off is a cryptic url address. The good news is, there is a better way.

If you were to bookmark this page to later share with your friends, you would have a much easier time of it if you used social tagging and a Delicious bookmark. How it works is that you sign up for Delicious, and use a special bookmarklet to add any website to Read More

Looking for a Better Way to Bookmark Your Favorite Sites?

Web users have been saving and sharing web content they find interesting through browser-based bookmark managers since the advent of the internet. For a long time, this was the most convenient way to do online research and keep tabs on a story as it developed. However, all browsers suffer from inefficient stock bookmarking systems. This necessarily leads to users becoming frustrated when they cannot find bookmarked items easily. For this reason, using bookmark software, like Delicious, makes a lot of sense for professionals and everyday web users.

How Does It Work?

Online bookmark managers generally require you to create an account. After creating an account, you simply add your favorite URLs via the user interface. Delicious bookmarking, for example, is streamlined in that it offers an extension for popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox. This saves you having to go to your “My Delicious” page every time you want to save a link. After saving the link, you can tag Read More