Looking for a Better Way to Bookmark Your Favorite Sites?

Web users have been saving and sharing web content they find interesting through browser-based bookmark managers since the advent of the internet. For a long time, this was the most convenient way to do online research and keep tabs on a story as it developed. However, all browsers suffer from inefficient stock bookmarking systems. This necessarily leads to users becoming frustrated when they cannot find bookmarked items easily. For this reason, using bookmark software, like Delicious, makes a lot of sense for professionals and everyday web users.

How Does It Work?

Online bookmark managers generally require you to create an account. After creating an account, you simply add your favorite URLs via the user interface. Delicious bookmarking, for example, is streamlined in that it offers an extension for popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox. This saves you having to go to your “My Delicious” page every time you want to save a link. After saving the link, you can tag your friends also using the service whom you think will find it useful or interesting. Mobile applications allow users to share bookmarked items much more easily through social tagging on the fly.

Professional Uses

Professionals can make great use out of bookmarking services like Delicious. Professors, businessmen, and those in the entertainment industry can all take advantage of the social platforming available through these companies. For example, a professor of Japanese history can instruct his students to sign up for a Delicious account. When that professor finds something interesting, maybe a story about Tokugawa Ieyasu’s favorite falcon, then he can share it to every one of his students. This reduces his need to print out copies of the article. Through utilizing digital sharing of bookmarked items he saves money and time.

Everyday Uses

Bookmark software is not just useful for professionals but for people interested in staying connected with each other through social media. Whereas before we would have to search through our unorganized, inefficient browser-based bookmarks to share them with our friends and family, now we can simply tag people. Even if our friends are not on Delicious or a similar platform, we can easily find the bookmark through the search engine and post it to Facebook or Twitter.

Bookmarking software is far more efficient and convenient than the managers built into our favorite browsers. Further, browsers only store our bookmarks locally. By taking advantage of an online bookmark manager that is connected to our phones and tablets we are able to access, store, and share our favorite online content from wherever we are. Everyone can take advantage of these services to share bookmarked sites more easily.