Sharing is Caring When It Comes to Bookmarking

When you find that you have over 100 memes bookmarked, with the intent to eventually share them on Facebook or Twitter or email, you may have a meme problem, or possibly just a bookmarking problem. Fortunately, the internet has evolved to handle hyperactive bookmarkers and frequent sharers of content. Whether you want to save a bookmark for yourself, or send it off to a friend, there is a solution.

  • Social Bookmarking
  • Delicious is one of these social tagging online bookmark managers. For example, you could bookmark this page with Delicious, tag it as an article to read later, and also share with your friends across your social networks. If you use a Firefox browser, you could use a “Delicious Bookmarks” application to make the whole process even more streamlined. Delicious bookmarks can be kept private, although that somewhat defeats the purpose. There are hundreds of millions of delicious bookmarks to discover. Delicious is just one of several social bookmarking platforms.

  • Personal Bookmarks
  • For bookmarks that you do not care to share with other people, you will want to store in your browser bookmarks, or otherwise use an online bookmark manager, or bookmark software. CNET can help you find the appropriate software, and the internet is full of reviews and recommendations for bookmark managing add-ons and applications. It is important to note that bookmark software can sometimes also serve a different purpose. For example, companies looking to build links might use certain software. Make sure you are looking at bookmark software for personal use.

The internet is nothing if not adaptable and malleable to a user and their needs. If you are not on social networks, then there are programs that manage your bookmarks and keep them private. If you are on every single social network, then you will find scores of ways to share anything that you want to share.

Which kind of bookmarking do you prefer to use?