Social Bookmarking and Social Networking, the Same Thing?

Social networking is a great way to info share with your friends, keep in touch, and find other people who have the same interests as you! An online bookmark manager is a great way to share your intersts with other people, because when you participate in social tagging, you let other people know how you classify things. And when they know that rather than what’s written on the page, what the actual overall idea or theme of the bookmark page is, people who are looking for something of that topic will find it.

The first site to make social tagging popoular was Delicious, originally, and the trend has definitely grown from there. Once a page is bookmarked and annotated with whatever notes you think are relevent to explaining it’s content to other users, and you’re done. It’s really simple, usually there’s a quick option in the bookmark software on the website, especially when it’s trying to be really user friendly, which social media websites always are.

Sites try especially hard to be user friendly if they have paid services, and some social bookmarking sites have a subscription fee that people have to pay in order to use them. However, whether you pay for the site or not, an interesting phenomena happens with each individual bookmarking site, for different popular interests. A folksonomy tends to be born, which is basically a unique way of moving words around to make tags for certain things that would specific to each website. So, not only are you contributing to linking things together when you are bookmarking things under certain interests, but to an extent you are helping it evolve into something more advanced as well!

Allowing people to have oppinions and share them is a huge part of the appeal of social media, and having a multitude of interests makes people more versatile and well rounded. Being able to share with your friends is a great benefit the internet has given people since it’s advent, and social bookmarking is a great way to catalogue your likes and dislikes, your interests and detests, so that other people can see!