3 Facts about bookmark software

We are all aware of how bookmarking works. We find a really interesting page or site then we bookmark it, with a simple bookmark this page option in our computer. Then there are sites that offer online bookmark manager, such as Delicious bookmark. With the bookmark page manager we now have a list of all the sites we bookmarked. We can then access these sites anywhere we are. More importantly, we can then access our bookmarks from different devices. But today, with bookmark software, there is more to bookmarking than keeping and managing our bookmarks online. If you are not familiar with bookmark software, here are three facts that you might find interesting as well as informative.

First, bookmark software today has in fact become more advanced and has kept up with our needs. As we need to be in the stage where we need to share everything to our friends, family and the rest of the world, bookmark software today enable social tagging. This means you can share with your friends your bookmarks. Of course they are more than just social bookmark software. For the average or general user, bookmark software is a way to share your bookmarks to others.

Second, bookmark software is a good way to manage your bookmarks. You can for example, import and export your bookmarks. Depending on the software, you can actually find a really comprehensive service. For example, there are software that offers management of not just bookmarks, but also contacts. There are also software that even allow you to get your RSS feeds and then access them easily. Most importantly the software offers easy configuration. This means you can actually change all the settings to meet your needs and preferences. There are even software that will allow you to create a list of information which you can access anywhere and using different devices.

Third, bookmark software is not just for the users, for example, if you own a blog and you simply want to promote it, the bookmark software can help you promote your blog by getting listed on bookmarking sites. Users therefore would be able to see your blog and if they find it interesting, they can share it to their friends. Since your major concern is not really back links or heavy search engine optimization, you can actually find free bookmark software sites online. Some of these you already know so choosing one is easy. What you have to remember is to choose the sites wisely. Think of your readers and identify the best bookmark site they may use. Now, if you own website, bookmark software can help you get high traffic and back links. Using bookmark software, you can actually submit your site to list of social bookmarking sites which creates good back links and also improves your SEO ranking, depending on the links.