How To Get Started With An Online Bookmark Manager

We are all familiar with the idea of a social media feed or a link aggregator at this point. Some of the most popular sites on the internet are popular precisely because they bring together a list of links that friends may want to read, or which are very interesting and would have otherwise been missed. The idea of social tagging with sites like Delicious bookmark services take the concept further by implementing an online bookmark manager that you can share with your social media friends and contacts. By using social bookmarking services, you can share plenty of great links and sites with the people that you care about, and categorize which links are sent to which people. The power of having a great feed of links is now in the hands of the user, thanks to My Delicious bookmarking.

A bookmark page used through an online bookmark manager is not unlike what you would see on a social media feed. You will be able to keep your bookmarks forever, as they will be stored on an online format that you can access from any browser and location, which is useful for those who use multiple devices. You can also share your bookmark list with your friends and family, as mentioned, so if you see a site that you think a family member would be interested in, you can tag it and the name of your contact. Joining these free social bookmark lists is easy and fast, and can immediately connect you with all of the other people on your social media networks who currently use it. Find great deals that you can share with your friends with the click of a mouse, thanks to great online bookmark manager services.

Bookmark software is easy to navigate as well. If you can use sites like Facebook and Twitter, then an online bookmark manager should be simple for you. All you have to do is go to the Delicious homepage and create an account. You can even browse the social bookmark lists without having an account, although the more personalized lists and recommendations will only work when you register. The online bookmark manager that Delicious can offer will make the entire experience of starting and collecting your own lists simple, and with add ons for Firefox and other browsers, social bookmarking should be a breeze to do.